Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 5: Pen Pal Event with Sedgefield Elementary and Park Road Montessori

S.I.S. interns hosted students from Sedgefield Elementary and Park Road Montessori on Queens' campus. The students from the two schools have been pen pals all year and today was the first day they were able to meet each other. The interns greeted the students at their buses and experienced the pen pals meeting each other for the first time. The kids were extremely excited to meet the person they had been writing letters to all year!

The students rotated around four stations on South Lawn at Queens. They played tug-of-war, charades, hula-hoop and teamwork games, and parachute games. The students stayed with their pen pals throughout all of the activities.

The day ended with a picnic and popsicles. After eating lunch together, the S.I.S. interns started a dance party with the students. Everyone was able to let loose and hang out one last time before the schools parted ways!