Friday, June 20, 2014

June 16th-June 17th

Friendship Gardens

Some of the S.I.S Interns traveled to the Urban Farm this week to help out in the garden. Friendship Gardens grow healthy food, making available to all, especially those with limited access. 

S.I.S Interns first assisted by pulling weeds around the potato plants. Later, they would put composted soil around them. They learned a lot this week about gardening and proper upkeep of vegetables.

S.I.S Interns harvested over 5 pounds of garlic that they would wash and send to Friendship Trays so it could be used in the meals they deliver daily. 

June 18th
Friendship Garden at Sedgefield Elementary

A group of the S.I.S Interns went to the Friendship Garden at Sedgefield Elementary to plant new plants in the beds. S.I.S Interns were able to use their skills learned earlier in the week to accomplish this project. 

S.I.S Interns planted beds of pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, watermelons, and chives.

One of our interns did some upkeep on a memorial of an elementary student that was loss this year.

July 19th

Friendship Trays

Friendship Trays generally delivers more than 600 meals daily to elderly, handicapped, and convalescing people who are unable or greatly restricted in their ability to prepare or secure meals. Meals consist of two separate containers, one with meat or fish, vegetable and such, and the other with carbohydrate, salad or fruit, and dessert. Some of the S.I.S interns assisted with the creation and process of these meals. 

S.I.S Interns had an amazing week and did a lot of hard work in the sun and in the kitchen.