Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pen Pal Event and Summer Project Planning

As the S.I.S. interns began to plan their final summer project today, they could not stop talking about how much they enjoyed the Pen Pal Event yesterday.
Interns traveled to the stations with the Pen Pals and got to participate in some of the activities.
The interns encouraged the relationship building between the Pen Pals. In the photo below, one of the interns had her students play rock, paper, scissors with their pen pals while they waited for the activities to begin.
A Queens' volunteer stopped by the event to hang out with the students while they ate lunch.
Everyone who was at the event had a great time learning about and playing with each other!
Today, the S.I.S. interns began brainstorming and planning for their final summer project. The final project can last three days and is soemthing that betters the city of Charlotte. The interns compose the final project themselves and will write a proposal to give to the Center for Active Citizenship.