Thursday, May 29, 2014

Week 4: Second Harvest and Loaves & Fishes

   S.I.S. interns split up into two groups this week so they could experience two different food banks within Mecklenburg County. At the end of the week, they compared and contrasted the organizations. The interns learned that even though the organizations have different processes and different ways of getting food, the ultimate goal for both food banks is to never turn anyone away and to feed hungry people.

Delivering food from Loaves & Fishes to various food pantries

    The week taught the interns about the entire process of food banks; from collections to sorting to delivery. They also learned about the need for volunteers to simply sort food. Interns were able to sort food and learn about what makes a product good enough to give away and what products have been damaged and would not be healthy for families in need.

Moving food at Second Harvest Food Bank

Volunteering at Second Harvest