Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Week 2: Day 2 - Rama Road Elementary and the Warehouse

S.I.S. interns spent the morning at Rama Road Elementary with the 1st grade classes. They helped children pick out their new books and were able to experience a Promising Pages Magic Book Party.

Interns were able to see the excitement and pure joy on the 1st graders faces. They also got to see how their hard work of sorting and cleaning books from the day before paid off. They had the privilege of helping some children pick out special books. In many cases, S.I.S. interns shared stories about reading their favorite books as children with the 1st graders. Being able to pass on a love for a particular book to a child who would not otherwise own a book was very special.

Each 1st grader took home four books to add to their libraries at home.

S.I.S. interns spent the afternoon at the Promising Pages warehouse. They helped sort what seemed like a hundred different types of wrapping paper (which is used to wrap the books as gifts). They also reorganized the main storage space so that books, magic carpets, magazines, wrapping supplies, and boxes each had their own spaces.

S.I.S. interns also learned about community involvement with different non-profit organizations like Promising Pages. Promising Pages' office and warehouse is located inside of a local business' warehouse. The business allows Promising Pages to use the space rent-free. They also met the director of Promising Pages, Christina Cruz, and the new business manager who is retired from a career in insurance.