Monday, April 28, 2014

S.I.S. History

The Summer In Service program began in the summer of 2013. There were five S.I.S. Queens interns. The students were Shannon (Junior), Tamaria (Junior), Taylor (Junior), Zach (Senior), and Whitney (Senior). 
The summer began with an orientation and team building exercises at UNCC's Adventures course. The first week the students worked with Habitat for Humanity building homes in the Charlotte area. Each week, the group of five traveled from organization to organization making an impact everywhere they went. Over the summer the S.I.S. team worked with the following organizations: Habitat for Humanity, Sedgefield Elementary, Habitat Metal (recycling facility), Storm Water Services (clean-up), Supportive Community Housing, American Cancer Society, Fill My Cup, Crisis Assistance Ministry, Boys and Girls Club, Operation Home Front, Freedom Schools, Promising Pages, Safe Alliance, and Friendship Trays. Each organization brought its own learning objectives, challenges, and inspiration.